Thank you for visiting Head Shot Props! Here, it’s truly a family affair.

It all started with Dad and daughter date nights, where Joe and his daughter Erin spent every night together making pizzas and watching Star Wars movies, The Clone Wars, and maybe even The Star Wars Holiday Special once or twice.

This grew into a desire to be members of the 501st Legion when they saw the characters in the Rose Parade 10 plus years ago.

What started with a Sandtrooper and a little Jawa costume, has lead to a love of costuming of all genres, and community.

Countless project and other builds later, we have found a love for the art of costuming and truly want to share our passion with you. We strive to provide quality products that will give you a base for all your creativity and we hope it brings joy to your life!

We are here to help your costume wishes come true, and to share our passion.

The McCullough Family
Joe, Laurel and Erin